7 Reasons To Outsource Your Facebook Ads

​Do you think your social media strategy is working well?

Do you run Paid Facebook Ads? It’s highly likely you could improve your strategy and the way you handle paid/boosted ads.

But outsourcing seems a nightmare. Agencies wanting 10% or 20% of your ad spend. Crazy!

So, you just keep doing what you were doing. And you stay very busy.

Keep reading, because, at the end of the article, I also give away some secrets on how to find vetted talent who can handle your paid advertising.

First let’s focus on the “WHY;” I urge you to consider outsourcing again, for the following reasons:


Experts do this every day, some even 20 hours a day. Can you get the same results as they do? It’s not a fair fight.

You can test more different creatives, ad copy and targeting if you don’t actually have to implement everything.


It’s a cliché, but a good one. You know you should work more ON your business, instead of in it.

Implementing social media will eat time away from that. Now you can focus more on new - and existing customers; they deserve a lot of attention.

The first transaction is often the hardest, so keep your current customers happy.


If you hire someone, you will get a fresh outside view of somebody who has probably seen more campaigns than you in different industries than yours from which you might benefit.

Do you know about cross-platform retargeting? Have you implemented this?

This can boost the ROI of any campaign, even a good one. An expert should know how to implement this.


Is your tracking setup properly? Do you know which ads are responsible for which revenue?

This is crucial, you could be wasting 50% of your ad spend, but you don’t know where, so you keep wasting it.

Most people who manage their own Facebook Ads have a problem with scaling. This is one of the most asked questions in forums and groups dedicated to Facebook Advertising.

How do you scale without losing your ROI? Spending $10 or $1,000 or $10,000 a day requires different handling. Admittedly, many more experienced Facebook Experts often have problems with this as well.


You might decide to “outsource” your Facebook Ads or social media to an employee. Or hire a new one. So the expertise you build stays in-house.

Many small businesses I have dealt with were not big enough (yet), to justify hiring somebody exclusively for this.

The other alternative is hiring a freelance consultant or a full service agency.

The disadvantage is that you don’t build up expertise in-house, but you can focus more on your business.

When you grow, you can reconsider hiring somebody permanently for social media or paid ads


Now, this one is tricky. How much do you value your own time?

How much do you think you should charge per hour if you were your own consultant? It also depends on the Return on Investment (ROI) an agency or consultant could get you.

What if you could pay an agency, for example, $1,500 a month to manage your social media, including paid ads, and you are spending $2,500 a month on paid advertising and your revenue is $10,000… You are making money.

Imagine if you would scale this…


The last reason I want to give you to consider outsourcing is GROWTH.

If you don’t grow, you die. That applies to business and life.

The chances of growing yourself and your business when you free up time working IN your business, are 10x greater. That’s not something I make up; you can look up many best-selling authors, gurus in personal development and business development consultants who state similar things.

To summarize this:

You will be happier and richer if you stop doing your paid advertising yourself.

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