Performance Checkup Of Your Facebook Ad Account

I guarantee that if you are able to say “YES” to a few of the following statements it’s highly likely you will make money from our performance checkup.


Let’s start, is this typical?

You run fb ads and your results are like “meh”…

You don’t know how to properly spit test.

You don’t know how to boost conversions.

You don’t have a process to create new ads; come up with the best headlines, descriptions, images, are not sure whether you have picked the best targeting or if you have exhausted all possible options.

Your external tracking and analytics is not working well or not setup well (a gem hidden in plain sight!).

Your internal tracking (“the pixel”) seems not to be 100%.

You don’t have a real strategy for running ads, correct?

How do you mix boosted organic posts with dark posts?

Your retargeting is setup but it’s not cross-platform:

You only retarget on Facebook and every time you scale your conversions go up.

If you’re not getting the results you’re after with Facebook, you ought to consider this audit.

You spend more than e.g. $50,000 a month on Facebook Ads and your team is going nuts in managing it (I have some great recommendations for this scenario too).


0. You will get in touch (see at the bottom of the post) and you make a decision (fb audit? yes/no).

1. Then .you will get some easy to follow instructions; share ad account, etc.

2. After the formalities, we will schedule a call to go over your objectives, etc.

3. Now me and my team start analyzing and we will create an actionable report with recommendations which we will email you.

4. We schedule a final call where we discuss the report and you can ask me anything about the audit.


I’m Titus Dijkstra and I am the chief marketing strategist and I live on an island (with a blazing fast internet connection).

I've managed close to $3 million in Facebook ad spend alone. If you don't believe me get off my page (just kidding), but if you're skeptic I understand, because lately I've seen a lot of interest from wannabe Facebook "experts".

The answer to your doubt is that an audit will show you ​whether I (and my team) are the real deal or not. I think I'm one of the best in the world regarding Facebook Ads, I don't say this lightly. I can guarantee this is very low risk for you, my reputation is on the line.

Admittedly, before, when I started out, for a long time I was successfully creating Facebook marketing campaigns but often struggled to scale.

Then, after a lot of painful testing, I discovered several ways to scale properly on FB and even a few other traffic platforms.

Now I routinely scale ad campaigns from zero to hero in a short time.

Take advantage of my experience and apply now for an audit.


Once you click on the link below you’ll get free access to me through Facebook Messenger.

You can ask me anything about the Audit and if we seem a good fit we can start the process.

Chat to me on Facebook and ask me anything about the Facebook Audit:

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